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vanessa louis

God, please come to our heart and save us again.

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Mary Anderson

Prayer Request Update RE: Alyson

After requesting prayer for Alyson’s lying and manipulation, I developed a strong desire to spend more time with my children. The desire was palpable; the Lord quickly provided a way for me to do that, and I am immensely enjoying more time with my children!!! Because of this, I am spending time with Alyson, which is something I have intensely avoided due to a serious incident (I suspect) involved her.

Since your prayers, I believe the Lord wants me to put this incident in the dustbin—which is what I will be telling Alyson--and trust the Lord that my opening up my life to her—because I am spending more time with my daughter—is His will.

Alyson has a dubious past which remains unsettling because there are so many unknowns. Please pray God will keep me in His will as I continue to spend more time with my daughter forcing me to spend more time with Alyson. I don't yet see Alyson changing regarding lying and manipulation, but I can see the Lord is working in this situation.

Please continue to pray for Alyson.
Thank you so much for your prayers!!!
God is answering them!!

Mary Anderson

Submitted: 1 Prayers